PRP’s Spending Ranks Ahead of Some Presidential Super PACs

There’s been a lot of debate over Pacific Resource Partnership's influence on the Honolulu mayor's race.

Not only were the group’s tactics heavily scrutinized, but the sheer amount of money it spent to make sure former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano stayed out of Honolulu Hale was eye-popping.

PRP’s $2.8 million in campaign expenditures becomes even more striking when compared to super PACs at the federal level.

While PRP is no Restore Our Future — which dished out $142 million trying to get former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney elected — the union-backed group is still a campaign spending heavyweight.

In fact, PRP’s state-level expenditures would come in 26th if ranked alongside super PACs registered with the Federal Election Commission.

That’s right behind the National Association of Realtors and just ahead of Our Destiny PAC, which supported Republican Jon Huntsman for president.

What’s more is PRP still hasn’t reported all the money it’s doled out during the current election season. The $2.8 million only includes what the group spent through Oct. 22. It has until Dec. 6 to report the rest.

Depending on what shows up in that report, PRP could see itself move up in the rankings.

Of course, PRP also spent money on federal races.

According to, FEC filings show the group spent just over $122,000 supporting President Barack Obama and U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono in her successful bid for Senate.

—Nick Grube

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